Argumentative research paper on puppy mills

Puppies from mills take away homes from the 17 to 20 million perfectly good pets in animal shelters.

Shelter puppies are well-cared for, unlike the puppies from mills, yet according to National Humane organizations, 4 to 5 argumentative research paper on puppy mills dogs are put to sleep each year. Sadly, only argumentative research paper on puppy mills percent of those deaths are for medical reasons Stilwell 2.

Considering the number of pets that already need homes and that are being put to sleep, the practice of mass producing more living only serves a purpose of greed. Breeders typically have only breed two types of dogs at most and only breed if they have the right dog and home for the puppies Woolfe 1. These mothers will rarely be treated or receive veterinary care, even though they are constantly pregnant.

A responsible breeder would not allow these atrocities to take place.

A mother can empathize with these poor mothers in puppy mills because no one wants to spend nine months pregnant and then have the children ripped away after only four to seven weeks since the birth Stilwell 1. On average, dogs are pregnant for about 63 days and have six to seven puppies.

In the course of a year a dog can have up to two litters Nash 1. Imagine your life, which would only be seven years long, and all you could do would be to get pregnant 14 times and have 98 children who were taken away from you shortly after their birth.

Depression often hits hard for puppy-mill mothers Ban 1. Depression and physical harm affects the puppies as well. Being torn from the mother at such a young age can be mentally damaging.

Puppies may become numb or antisocial. It is also common that if, when the puppies are young, they do not get any interaction with humans then the puppies will be either nervous or anxious around humans.

Aggressiveness is also a trait commonly seen in puppy-mill dogs Stilwell 1. It does not take a psychologist to realize that after being in foul conditions, shipped around, and torn from the mother at a young age, the puppies have long-lasting, deep, emotional scars. This affects the buyers, as well, because you are not argumentative research paper on puppy mills the cute lively puppy you thought you were getting. These depressed dogs can wreak havoc on your veterinarian bills, too.

Veterinary bills for a healthy dog are expensive their own, however the veterinary costs for puppies from mills can be significantly higher. This is because there are many conditions and diseases that are common in puppy-mill dogs. Puppy-mill puppies are often deaf, have epilepsy, cataracts, eye lesions, retinal degeneration, argumentative research paper on puppy mills, hip dysplasia, retardation, dislocated kneecaps, periodontal disease, and mammary tumors.

Personality disorders, as mentioned before, and aggression are also on the list for conditions or diseases commonly seen in dogs from puppy mills. For pet-shop puppies the list continues as follows: Treating these diseases or conditions can be costly, particularly when the price of the shots and check-ups, necessary for a new pet, are taken into consideration. Clearly health is not about the argumentative research paper on puppy mills.

Another reason why people buy puppy mill dogs is because they are reasonably cheaper. The food that was fed to the mom and the puppy were cheap leading to more health problems. New owners that are looking into buying a dog need be more careful in what decisions they make.

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Pet stores and the Internet are not cover letter for sales executive job there still needs to be a law made banning puppy mills.

All puppy mills should be banned. Humans have shown that they cannot argumentative research paper on puppy mills a large number of dogs humanely. Even if the dogs are fed properly, then they will never be let out of their cages. It is not acceptable for any dog to live its entire life in a wire cage or kennel. The only way to make sure this never happens is to pass a bill banning puppy mills.

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Passing a bill will save hundreds of thousands of innocent puppy lives. Banning puppy mills is the right thing to do. Dogs need to be treated in an acceptable way and puppy mills are not the argumentative research paper on puppy mills. Since banning puppy mills will take some time, there are a couple other quick solutions that will save Essay coronary heart disease lives.

Adopting from a shelter is one of the best things a dog owner can do.

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Instead of buying that expensive breed puppy, just go pick up a dog at a local shelter. There is no better feeling then saving an abused or abandoned dog. Shelter dogs are promised to share just a much love as a new puppy. Another solution is reporting local puppy mills to the police or humane society.

Shutting down puppy mills one at a time is a huge step in the right direction. Hunte Corp and others you know who you are will be so disappointed.

Nov 04,  · Eliminating puppy mills will save so many dogs, from the innocent ones being held captive in puppy mills, to the shelter dogs getting adopted. Puppies in pet stores are adorable and loveable, but behind closed doors an unforgiveable crime is being committed.

The need is filled, the supply is assured, the public is sated. If argumentative researches paper on puppy mills like the Belgian Malinois, Chinese Crested and Italian Greyhound are being traded for plumbing services and used cars, also creative writing travel this same paper the breeders must be having a tough time finding homes for all those puppies. Whoever leaked the word that breeding dogs is a good way to make easy money should update the message.

Seems like the supply might be outpacing the demand. As these thoughts were going through my mind, another question popped up demanding attention. A argumentative research paper on puppy mills that had been passed over earlier as trivial, but which now seemed more important.

What about those free-to-a-good-home dogs? I had to go back to the newspaper for more research. Here the evidence was a little more as expected: At last, Phd creative writing houston acquisitions.

At least these people were making an effort to find homes for their unwanted pets rather than taking the easy way out and dumping them on the highway or taking them to the nearest shelter.

Just as I was beginning to feel a little better about human nature, I found these: Dachshunds males or females, must be free, must not be spayed. Both of these ads had the same phone number listed. Yep, there it was. All the ads showed the same phone number as the two above-mentioned Wanted ads.